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Designing the FairShare app


Designing the FairShare app

My ambition was to produce an exceptionally clean and clear app. For the same reason I wanted it to be super easy without any thresholds to begin using it: to avoid all unecessary efforts and focus on the daily logging of task data. An application which main purpose is to log tasks – not so fancy – sometimes lots of times daily, has to be quick and simple to use. This was another reason why I did not consider to release a free but ad financed version.

The design was made during the iOS 6 era and I feel it reached quite close to some trends for graphic elements in the then upcoming iOS 7, as of course for the more flat interface but also the design input field design.

In the design I also chose to almost oversize the main action buttons and to place them in the bottom part of the screen. I have always been skeptical to the idea of putting action, search and continue buttons in the upper right screen area, where they tend to be really difficult to access, especially when using your phone with one hand.

Associated project

FairShare – Share the tasks

FairShare keeps track of how much of the tasks you complete at home or at work. Share what needs to be done and find time for other things!