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Developing the Bumble Gum game


Developing the Bumble Gum game

Bumble Gum was a project for exploring the use of CSS transitions in an animated game. The game is therefore not based on canvas but instead DOM elements which are modified by transitions. My game idea was to use a hard working bumble bee as a main character and give the player rewards by advancing higher by blowing giant chewing gum bubbles and felt I could apply different game modes to it.

With the game modes Speed, Memory and Maths I could attract and entertain more players. It was also an interesting quest to build a general solution for increasing the difficulty and then adding it to the different game modes. The most challenging part was to create a good solution for the maths mode and to after a while, instead of asking for the problem’s sum ask for a part in the problem.

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Bumble Gum game

As a bumblebee you are not that good at flying, so use your chewing gum to reach greater heights and get to your goal the Flower kingdom!