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FairShare – Share the tasks

FairShare app for iPad/iPhone

The FairShare app is removed from the App Store and the service will be shut down in Mars 2017. Read more

FairShare keeps track of how much of the tasks you complete at home or at work. Share what needs to be done and find time for other things!

FairShare available on the App Store

Decide which tasks you want to use in FairShare together and how many points they are worth. You can also add challenges for your tasks left undone. When a challenge is completed it will disappear from the list and the person performing the task gets the points.

Easy and open structure, you can decide how much or how little you will handle within FairShare to keep track of the work in your relation/family or at your office.

  • Start immediately – no accounts or e-mail confirmations
  • Use FairShare on an iPhone/iPod/iPad or connect several devices
  • Partake of clear statistics

It’s possible to freely specify how much each person will do – suitable for families who wants to share the housework and for example give the children their own part.

FairShare – Share the tasks

You can play by connecting iPads, iPhones or iPods, or by using one device.

No annoying ads!
Languages: English, Spanish and Swedish

Create a new habit or test yourself – share the work equally with FairShare!

Check out how FairShare works