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Pairing users in the FairShare app


Pairing users in the FairShare app

I wanted to develop a fast and simple way to pair users who together log tasks with the FairShare app. My main goal was to avoid an advanced registration when setting up the app. Without saved user data on the server handling the FairShare communication you can’t search for example an email address. That kind of search procedure also felt very complex and sluggish when you as swiftly as possible wants to start using the app.

I built a search process that by pressing a button in your app sent a request to the server for other requests for pairing within the same time and in the same geo area. If there was a match the person’s pre name was returned, sent from the other user’s app and temporalily saved during the pairing process on the server. If there were more matches the person with the closest position was showed.


Associated project

FairShare – Share the tasks

FairShare keeps track of how much of the tasks you complete at home or at work. Share what needs to be done and find time for other things!