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Ropson markdown editing demo


It was time for new responsive sites and I had an idea for a tool to be able to faster and more regularly update my sites with texts about what I am creating. A perfect moment to dive into markdown editing and as always I came to the conclusion it’s more fun to build something.

I brought my experiences from making single page web and mobile apps with Javascript and merged with my years developing advanced Content Management Systems. It turned out to be a neat markdown editing single page tool. Here is a demo of the result so far:

Simplicity, clarity and speed are best things ever. When you are developing a tool mainly for yourself to use you can also go all in with your beliefs and test your theories. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Both web page and admin view would be responsive and scale to the users prefered window size.
  • I wanted a good overview of all the admin screens without scrolling etc when editing texts. No distractions like a different look of the view because of scroll position when working.
  • All unnecessary graphic objects had to go. For example Cancel buttons are dispensable when you rather use the Escape key or can click everywhere else but on the action button.
  • All fields had to fit in one column without Y scrolling. To save height the text form had to be without labels, instead placeholders and hover info when texts are typed in the fields.
  • Fast list and search updates with XMLHttpRequest instantly when typing (ok, a short delay added to handle more keys pressed).

I hope this will turn out to be a great tool to ease the work and increase the joy writing for the web for more people than I. Follow the project for more information about the development.

Associated project

The new Ropson sites with own markdown editing system

New sites for and are released and are based on a new extremely light and clean publishing solution which I have developed to explore the possibilities with markdown editing.