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The artwork for the Bumble Gum game


The artwork for the Bumble Gum game

Colorful, simple and clean was my guidelines when working with the artwork for the Bumble Gum game. The level screen buttons got a colour each which I tweaked a bit to make them also work for people with colour blindness.

Level screen Bumble Gum

A user interface detail which I have heard some has missed is the white circle to the right which is decreasing in size and indicates how long it is left before time is up for the question. It also has a transition change which controls when time is up, something I have used quite a lot in the game. Also the height level of the bumble bee, defined by transition changes, controls if you fail and the game ends.

The yellow progress bar in the top of the game screen is also controlled by transitions and determines when you have finished a level.

Level overview Bumble Gum

On the screen with the level overview, the Bumble Gum world, you will see splashed bubble gums for all the levels you completed and you can continue from a higher level if you fail to complete the game.

Associated project

Bumble Gum game

As a bumblebee you are not that good at flying, so use your chewing gum to reach greater heights and get to your goal the Flower kingdom!