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The music in the Bumble Gum game


In the first versions of the game I tested to build a step sequencer in Javascript for the music but it felt a bit overkill so I changed to the idea of using short melody loops together with sound effects.

The song I am most satisfied with is the game theme. It consists of not that many bars but I feel it works well looping thanks to the baseline change in the second part of the tune where there is no melody.

The premises were to make a catchy intro song which had to be short to not use too much memory, work well looping so you don’t feel it too repetitive and work well on the iPhone speaker.

I also think the pesky sound effects slightly reminiscent of summer flies breaks it up a bit. The music and the sound effects are made with a DSI Evolver, an Access Virus Indigo 2 Redback, Pro tools and drum samples.

Associated project

Bumble Gum game

As a bumblebee you are not that good at flying, so use your chewing gum to reach greater heights and get to your goal the Flower kingdom!